Soprano ICE Permanent Laser Hair Removal


For double the results in half the time, introducing for the first time in India Alma Soprano Ice!  Isya Aesthetics is the only clinic in Delhi with the ultimate in laser hair removal Alma Soprano Ice. Combining two wavelengths so that even fine hairs, resistant hairs, light colored hairs and PCOs-related growth are treated, you will get the best results in India for your hair. And, with the larger tip size and painless technology, you will have double the results in half the time!

With the Alma Soprano Ice, we now also have Alexandrite for your skin. Previously with the Soprano, there was only diode which is effective, but not as effective for resistant hairs, PCOS or paradoxical hypertrichosis. In the Alma Soprano Ice, we have both Diode and Alexandrite. So we now have the most effective and best laser for true laser hair removal in ALL skin and hair types and concerns. And, it is painless and essentially risk-free! That is the magic of the Alma Soprano Ice! It can definitely treat your facial hair & more!

So, get the Alma Soprano Ice so you can have the best permanent and painless hair removal for men and women from any area without the pain, risks or side effects in just half the time. And, you won’t even realize its over as you relax in our entertainment system equipped laser therapy lounge! The Alma Soprano Ice can be used for all skin types and hair anywhere from the face, arms and underarms to the bikini and legs. It is ideal for fine hairs, resistant hairs or lightly colored hairs, which couldn’t be done previously with older technologies.

Now, why is Isya Aesthetics known as the best in laser hair removal in Delhi and in India? We have specialised protocols for all our machines, including Soprano ICE. Then, on top of already having the top results on laser hair removal with our highly effective techniques, our doctors also customise each session to your skin and your skin’s response. We want a result from every session, and we typically get it through our high level of doctor oversight and customisation. Essentially, because of our award winning technology and techniques, we offer the best permanent hair removal in India, hands down. Our results are unbeatable, and we can treat even the most difficult hair on the face or body.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

The Alma Soprano Ice Alexandrite option is especially effective for those hairs caused by PCOS, and at Isya Aesthetics, we have specialized protocols of laser hair removal for those that suffer from this difficult hormonal condition. When combined with our 360-degree regimens for PCOS, our regimens of laser hair removal with the Alma Soprano Ice gives you the best results for hair-free skin!

Paradoxical Hypertrichosis

For those of you who have excessively resistant hairs or have been treated with laser before and the hair grew more instead, you cannot get traditional laser hair removal done. You need to use the Alma Soprano Ice Alexandrite option because it will specifically target that now hard to remove hair, thereby finally giving you that hairless skin you deserve. It is the best worldwide for resistant facial hair removal and resistant body hair removal.


Common Areas We Treat:

Face Beard Shaping
Cleavage Neck
Abdomen Underarms
Back Back & Chest
Legs&Arms Legs
Bikini Arms

Now With Our Exclusive Facial Tip!

Ultra- advanced for those special hard-to-treat areas! Only available at Isya Aesthetics, our exclusive facial tip lets us treat your every concern. You can get your brows shaped, your nose hair removed, and even your ear hair removed!

Areas We Can Treat

Brow Shaping Glabella
Ear Hair Behind the Ear
Nasal Hair Beard Line
Neck Line Bikini Shaping
And More!  



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