Frustrated with your pigmentation? You are not alone. Pigmentation affects people of all races and ages and is a common issue that plagues many in India. With thousands of pigmentation diseases found in this subcontinent, India is a veritable hotbed of discoloration with nearly 4 in 5 people suffering from this problem. In fact, in people with darker skin, changes in pigmentation can occur without warning at any age! Diseases such as melasma, lichen planus pigmentosus, pigmentary demarcation lines and more are just some of the many pigmentation concerns we treat with great success. In fact, at Isya Aesthetics, we specialize in treating pigmentation disorders like the highly common melasma, and we get some of the best results worldwide!

Another concern that many men and women have is tanning and marks. Tanning occurs in everyone due to excess sun exposure, while marks happen after scratches, pimples, bruises and some rashes. Marks and tanning are both exceedingly common in Indian skin, and can make anyone feel sad about their appearance. But you can watch that tan disappear in miniutes and see your marks go away at our ultra advanced centres. Luckily, here at Isya Aesthetics we have the best treatments for pigmentation, marks and tanning.  With the latest technologies straight from New York, we have the best results in pigmentation, marks and tanning and we can give you the skin you want.

In fact, at Isya Aesthetics, we are a known tertiary centre for the treatment of pigmentation, marks and melasma, and many centres send their difficult-to-treat clients to us! This is because with Dr. Sethi’s direction, who is American Board certified in Laser Science, and her investment in the latest and most advanced technology, we have solutions that no one in India has. So we can offer the best results for truly clear skin! Our centre is the best centre in India for pigmentation, marks and tanning removal so book your appointment now to get the skin you have always wanted.

Want to learn more about pigmentation? Read some of our common Q&A’s below!
What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is the presence of excess color in the skin. Essentially, hyper-pigmentation is a common condition in which patches of skin become darker in colour than the normal surrounding skin. This darkening occurs when there is an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin colour, forms deposits in the skin.  Discoloration can occur anywhere and in any formation on the face, be it as patches, or as tanning, or as simple as age spots or marks.

What Causes it?

Overexposure to sun rays and a daily onslaught of allergens wreak havoc on our skin, making skin appear dull, patchy, tanned and pigmented. However, the primary cause of pigmentation is the sun. UV rays from the sun can damage skin cells, and major protection skin has is pigment or melanin. So, when you are exposed to the sun, for self-protection, melanocytes, the pigment producing cells of the skin, get stimulated to create melanin. This melanin is then deposited to protect the skin from further UV damage! Unfortunately, this  intrinsic protection can ruin your complexion!

In the case of melasma, your hormones also play a big part in making your skin more sensitive to the sun, resulting in distinctive facial patches. That is why it occurs more often in pregnant women or women on oral contraceptive or hormonal pills.

In regards to marks, when there is a lot of inflammation in the skin, your skin starts stimulating the melanocytes as well. So, melanin deposition occurs in the place of inflammation as a type of scarring mechanism. Inflammation can occur due to pimples, scratches or even bruises! And this process worsens as you age because your body’s healing process gets less regulated.

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