American celebrity dermatology Dr. Kiran Sethi has brought the latest celebrity secret here to New Delhi with her proprietary NY Facial, a triple therapy combination that gets you red carpet ready in just under an hour! In just 3 steps with zero downtime, you can get ready for any event in during your lunchtime break. With zero pain, side effects, redness or discomfort, the NY Facial is the ultimate in skin beauty for an instant and long-term result.

Known as the must-have bridal facial, the NY Facial is done usually a week before the wedding or event. It makes your skin completely clear, clean and makes you look literally photoshopped! Your makeup goes on smoothly and you can literally feel your skin sparkle!

The science behind the NY Facial is famous in Hollywood, with celebrities in the East and West all taking this amazing treatment for an amazing red carpet line-free glow. In India, the NY Facial is only available at Isya Aesthetics, and the glitterati and socialite brides are flocking in droves to get it done before their big events! So you can stop those beauty salon facials entirely for a permanent skin rejuvenation that truly lasts.

The first step of the NY Facial involves gentle resurfacing, to help get rid of those dead skin cells that are stuck to the surface. Once newer and fresher skin is revealed, the laser toning process using the revolutionary US FDA Approved collagen stimulating lasers begins. This laser toning acts deep within the skin to reduce fine lines, pigmentation, dullness, and broken blood vessels for a clearer and iridescent finish. With its deep penetration, it completely avoids damaging the top layer of the skin, allowing you to avoid any redness or irritation entirely! Finally, after a rejuvenating and hydrating medical masque, we treat the skin with the latest in light therapy known as Red Rx. This gentle photo-light bathes the skin to soothe, calm and rejuvenate it.

So, why do a combination treatment? Essentially, this triple threat acts deep within the skin to stimulate the creation of new collagen and fresher and clearer skin, giving you a long-term improved result. Overall, by using this customized blend of treatments, the results are exponentially better; giving you a glamorous photo finish you won’t be able to stop admiring.

And you can upgrade your NY Facial to the NY Facial 4D. The NY Facial 4D includes 4 different layers of targeting – so with varying tips, we can target different layers in the skin and treat and remove various concerns including pigmentation, pores, lines and mild sagging. For extra targeted results, the NY Facial 4D truly wows!