Best quality & pain free permanent Laser Hair Removal in Delhi by the best in the industry

Isya Aesthetics is one of the best permanent laser hair removal centre/clinic in Delhi, India. It is led by Dr. Kiran Sethi, who is American Board Certfied in Lasers.  At Isya,  people can leverage painless and risk-free hair removal through US FDA approved technologies by Soprano ICE lasers, Soprano Pro, and more.  We've been covered by magazines and newspapers as a leading centre for Permanent Laser Hair Removal.


Why Us

  • Dr. Kiran Sethi is American Board Certified in Lasers
  • We have machines equipped with latest technology; Soprano ICE, Light-Neo and Trio Ultima
  • Combination of two wavelengths are used to treat fine hairs, resistant hairs, light colored hairs and PCOs-related growth
  • We offer American standards of care
  • Our American protocols deliver results & our highly trained doctors oversee and customise every session of all our clients
  • Our experience is completely painless and essentially risk-free

Want the best permanent laser hair removal in Delhi and in India? Look no further. Isya Aesthetics has the best technology, protocols, techniques and customisation in the country, delivering the best laser hair removal by in India and Delhi by far. As the only American dermatology centre in India, we have the best protocols, hygiene and standard of care as well, ensuring that our clients get the same care they would in New York. Emphasising the need for laser trained doctors to personally manage each and every client’s care, our doctors oversee or perform each and every laser treatment and monitor results on a session by session basis, customising as needed for the best results in India. After all, only a top laser trained doctor knows how to get the best results for your skin in each and every session! Furthermore, we invest in the top most technology in the world, ensuring that literally no hair gets untreated.

With technologies like Soprano ICELight-Neo and Trio Ultima, it is nearly impossible that your hair could be too difficult to remove. Our technologies and protocols give results in nearly half the sessions and half the time of other technologies, and provide amazing results. And, for those who need a cost effective solution, we have the Soprano Pro, which although needs more sessions and is ideal for mostly coarse hair, still has the benefit of Isya’s experienced customisation and total doctor oversight, providing you with better results than anywhere else. So, for the best and most effective laser hair removal in Delhi, Isya Aesthetics is it!

All of Isya’s Laser Hair Removal technologies are painless and practically side effect free, so you can literally walk out of each session of any of our laser hair removal machines feeling gorgeous and smooth the same day! There is no downtime and no stress, making your life easier and happier. Read on to learn more!

Why do Laser Hair Removal

Waxing/Shaving is Worse for the Skin & More Time Taking

Laser Hair Removal has become very popular these days since people prefer a permanent form of hair removal treatment as compared to periodical process of waxing or shaving that consumes more time and is not cost-effective in the long run. Waxing & shaving are also known to cause folliculitis (rashes), ingrown hairs and even marks. As long as there is hair that can grow, your skin will be exposed to repeated trauma that will only worsen your skin.  Furthermore, these temporary methods of removing hair will only take tons of time out of your life and force you to go to the salon every month for the rest of your life. Who wants that? In this day and age, we are all busy. We want to go without spending hours removing our hair and wear our bathing shorts, skirts and backless chills with pride and without stress. And this goes for men and women!

Keratosis Pilaris, or Chicken Skin is Caused by and Worsened by Waxing & Shaving

Finally, over 80% of men and women have a condition known as Keratosis Pilaris. What is keratosis pilaris? This is a condition where hair gets trapped under the skin because the skin cells get overproduced, thereby not allowing the hair to pierce through the skin. This results in rough, red bumps on the skin, particularly on the arms, back and legs. Sometimes the hairs poke through, but you end up with deep marks from the inflammation in the end. This worsens as each cycle of waxing or shaving removes the hair and then when it regrows gets stuck over and over again under the skin. Hence, Keratosis pilaris, otherwise known as chicken skin or chicken bumps, is only curable through permanent laser hair removal. This is because if there is no hair, then it can’t get stuck under the skin! And that terrible cycle of removal then getting stuck then poking through and forming marks gets stopped in its tracks!

Luckily, Isya Aesthetics has the best permanent laser hair removal in Delhi and even in India.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is a completely safe treatment that helps you to remove those unwanted hairs for life! It is a permanent laser hair removal technique which uses light to target the stem cells in the hair follicle. This stem cell is the reason why the hair keeps regrowing. The laser will specifically kill the stem cell, thereby forcing the follicle to die permanently! This is why laser hair removal is the only solution to remove hair permanently! And the best part is you don’t have to repeatedly shave or wax, there by preventing that worsening ingrown hairs, bumps and marks from repeated mechanical methods of hair removal. You can have clear and hairless skin that is smooth and oh so touchable!

Who can Get it Done?

Men, Women and teenagers can all get their Laser Hair Removal Done without Risks! Many men love to get their beard shaping and chest and back hair removed, while teenagers love to be hairless as well, thereby stopping their the need to even start the damaging and painful process of threading or waxing.

What Areas Can Be Done?

Any area can be treated on the face or the body, including the bikini, the butt and even inside the ears!

How are We Different?

We Have the Latest Technology

First of all, at Isya Aesthetics, we have the latest US FDA Approved technologies for laser hair removal, ensuring that even fine hairs, hormonal hairs, ingrown hairs and the most difficult to treat hairs can be eradicated. With every type of technology, it is impossible that your hair cannot be removed.

Our American Protocols Deliver Results & Our Highly Trained Doctors Oversee and Customise Every Session of All Our Clients

Secondly, we know what we are doing. Dr. Sethi is American Board Certified in Lasers, and the team is well-versed in performing truly effective laser hair removal sessions. Our laser hair removal gives results in much less sessions than other centres, and our results are significantly better. This is because of our protocols and doctor oversight. Our protocols have been created by full data analysis of all different types of laser hair removal and coordination with laser centres around the world to determine what is the best way to get rid of that pesky hair. Furthermore, we analyse each and every session of our clients to customise each session according to your skin needs. Everyone is different and everyone’s skin is different, so treating everyone the same will not get the results you want.

Most centres have a basic protocol that is designed to treat the client quickly and the same as every other client. This results in poor care, poor results and the need to do more sessions than you would have needed had it been done properly. These clinics may be cheaper, but in the long-run, you end up spending your time and spending more money because you are forced to book more and more sessions to get rid of that pesky hair. At Isya Aesthetics, we eliminate all those problems. Through advanced protocols, doctor customisation and the top technology in the world, Isya Aesthetics truly has the best permanent laser hair removal in the country. We ultimately can give results in half the sessions of other centres with our advanced lasers. And, our clients come back amazed when even after a single session they can see truly measurable and miraculous results.

We Offer American Standards of Care

Third, we are the only American dermatology centre in the country. Our standards of care, hygiene, privacy, and confidentiality are second to none, and you will truly feel like you are getting your treatment done in New York. Furthermore, the luxury of our centres will make you feel like you are relaxing at home in utmost comfort, so the experience will be completely enjoyable.

Our Experience is Completely Painless and Essentially Risk-Free

Finally, we have the most pain-free, safest and side effect free lasers in India. No one can compare to the comfort of our lasers, ensuring that your every moment in our clinic is truly a pleasure.

Isya Aesthetics is Renowned in Permanent Laser Hair Removal 

At Isya, we ensure the most effective results with the best US FDA approved technologies including the Isya Protocol for Soprano ICESoprano Pro , the Trio Ultima the Light-Neo. With our technologies, you can see the most miraculous of results in literally nearly half the sessions required in other technologies. And, they are completely painless, making the experience truly second to none. Our famous technologies have been covered in newspapers and magazines throughout the country, and Isya is well known as the top centre for laser hair removal in India due to our protocols and sciences. Furthermore, Times of India has rated Isya Aesthetics the top dermatology centres in Delhi 2 years in a row. So you know you are in good hands! Book now for miraculous results on your laser hair removal!


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