Head-to-Toe Body Facial has arrived in New Delhi, giving you gorgeous skin from top to bottom! Delivering you event ready skin instantly, this ultimate body facial treats every possible skin issue, making you look picture-perfect! Innovated from the body treatments Victoria Secret models do before they hit the runway, the Head to Toe Facial is designed to give you smooth, soft and lustrous skin from your neck to your toes! Even your hands and your feet get an amazing rejuvenation!

A favorite for brides, Head to Toe Facial is the ultimate body facial that treats every single body skin concern – from pigmentation, to tanning, to freckles, to dullness, to marks and even rough texture! No body skin concern is left unturned. In fact, it can even get rid of ingrown hairs! The best part about this treatment is that only 1 session is required. Every bride has no time before the wedding, so a single treatment that can cure your body concerns in 1 go is always magic for any bride.

Known as the best body facial for brides, Head to Toe Facial is truly a boon for any young lady before her big day.

How Does it Work?

Adapted by Dr. Kiran Lohia for Indian skin, this amazing top-to-bottom therapy is done on the whole body from the neck down. It essentially uses 4 different dermatological technologies to get your skin looking smooth, bright and tight instantly! First, we dermo-exfoliate the skin down to the each and every follicle using our American deep pore machine, resulting in a smooth, even and soft texture. Then, to get rid of those pesky blemishes, we apply instant brightening medi-treatments. Next, we use micro-Light technology,where we bathe the skin in collagen and fibroblast stimulating light, effectively turning back the clock. Finally, we envelope the skin in a nutrient rich crème, which soaks the skin in vitamins and moisture. Ultimately, this 360-degree approach eradicates nearly every concern! Working on tan, discoloration, marks, pimples, heat rash, rough or bumpy skin and more, the Head-to-Toe has a long-lasting result, giving you a younger, fresher and brighter body! Results will last from 3 months to even up to a year!

So book your Head to Toe Facial now! Already in demand and covered by numerous publications including Asian Age, Plan Your Wedding and more, Head to Toe Facial is truly the best facial for the body in India.

As Isya Aesthetics is known as the best in bridal beauty, we also have a lot of bridal package options for your skin that can be customised to your skin needs. Book your appointment now and learn how you can look gorgeous not only for your wedding, but also for your marriage!

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