Best Hair Fall Treatment in Delhi at Isya Aesthetics

Isya Aesthetics has the best treatments for hair fall problems for men and women. Led by Dr. Kiran Sethi, Isya Aesthetics delivers specialized treatment in trichology for hair fall problems. With holistic treatments like PRP, ROOTS Light Therapy, and Mesotherapy, people can grow back, significant no. of hair and treat baldness and hair fall.

Are you going bald or experiencing significant hair loss or thinning? 

Everyday men and women lose hair. It happens when you are brushing it, when washing it or just during course of your day. It can be scary to see that hair in your hairbrush or in the drain of your shower. In fact, up to 50 hairs a day of hair loss can be considered normal!

Why do we naturally lose hair?

Our hair is typically in three cycles: Anagen, Telogen and Catagen. Anagen is the growing cycle, Telogen is transition cycle and Catagen is the resting cycle. All these cycles happen simultaneously, so one hair could be growing while another could be resting all at the same moment. Usually though, up to 90% of your hair is in anagen phase, while 1-2% are in catagen and around 10% is in telogen phase.


What determines how long our hair is?

Your hair length is determined by genetics, which informs how long your anagen cycle will be. Anagen cycles of the scalp hair can range from 2-7 years, and typically each 28 days will see 1cm of growth. If you hair is genetically programmed to be shoulder length, then it will only grow that long.

When is our hair fall considered a problem and what are the causes?

When more than 100 hairs fall in a day, or if the hair loss is resulting in bald patches, then you likely have a condition causing excessive hair fall.

Some common causes include:

Telogen Effluvium: A common condition that can occur after pregnancy, from stress, iron deficiency, weather change and more. In this condition, 100 hairs shed in a day for up to 6 months in acute telogen effluvium or greater than 50 hairs for longer than 6 months in chronic telogen effluvium.

Androgenetic Alopecia: Also known as Male Pattern Baldness, this is a mostly genetic condition that causes hair loss in a prescribed pattern. This baldness is progressive and gets worse with age.

Female Pattern Baldness: The same condition can also happen to women and is also mostly genetic.

How do we treat hair fall?

Luckily, Isya Aesthetics has the best treatments for hair fall. We are specialized in trichology and offer a wide range of solutions for your falling strands. With our 360 degree solutions where we examine your lifestyle, your nutrition status and existing hair health, at Isya Aesthetics we offer long-lasting solutions for permanent results. In fact, with therapies such as PRP, ROOTS Light Therapy, Mesotherapy and more, our hair fall treatments are the best in India. Read more about our hair fall therapies by clicking on the thumbnails below!


Let your body naturally heal itself with the science of Platelet-Rich Plasma, otherwise known as PRP.


Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment that helps to cure baldness in both males and females by reducing hair loss


ROOTS Light Therapy is one of the latest therapies available for hair growth. 100% safe with no pain, needles or…