Fat loss and Body Contouring Techniques in New Delhi

Isya Aesthetics provides comprehensive medical solutions and techniques for fat loss and body contouring in Delhi through US FDA techniques like SculptSure for fat loss, Accent Ultra for rejuvenated skin, and body tightening with Ulthera. Dr. Kiran Lohia is one of the leading dermatologists in the world that recommends painless and safe treatments for fat loss & body contouring at Isya Aesthetics.

Suffering from excess weight? Have bulges that just won’t go away? You are not alone. Stubborn fat is a very common problem faced by men and women of all ages. Luckily, huge advances have been made in the field of non-invasive fat reduction, finally allowing for scalpel-free fat loss without side effects! So now, you can have the figure you have always dreamed of, without having to worry about going under the knife.

With the best weight loss, fat loss and body contouring techniques and technologies in Asia, Isya Aesthetics is here to deliver the best results. Using the latest nutritional science, diets tailor made to your skin, body contouring and fat loss technologies, watch your inches and cellulite melt off.  We believe in 360 degree solutions to truly battle the bulge. We do a full analysis of your current food habits, exercise patterns, health problems and fat distribution. Then we do a customized DermaDiet Program designed to lose the weight while giving your skin a glow and your hair a boost! Finally, we have numerous treatments that help you lose the bulges without any needles or surgery!

Constantly upgrading and investing in the top technologies, Isya Aesthetics is known for being the best. As the only American dermatology and aesthetic centre in India, we offer the latest US FDA Approved techniques for reducing fat.After collaborating with top doctors around the world, we now know that a single method is not the answer. For example, we offer the ultimate in fat loss called the Cool Complete. Combining 4 different technologies into one protocol, our results are second to none. Not only do we freeze the fat away, but we also tighten the skin and blast damaged fat cells so that they go away faster. For those who want to also get skin tightening done so that you lose inches while erasing cellulite and making skin younger and tighter, US FDA Approved Accent Ultra is the solution. Now body contouring has never been so easy!

Body tightening is a continually advancing field. At Isya, we have the ultimate in face and body tightening called Ulthera. US FDA Approved Ulthera can tighten and smooth the skin almost magically erasing the signs of time. Loose skin on the tummy after pregnancy or weight loss, cellulite on the thighs or sagging skin on the arms can all be treated now without needles. Even our Silhouette Lifts can be added to lift and improve the contour of the skin on the body. Those butt lifts, breast lifts and tummy tightening no longer have to be done under the knife! With the most advanced sciences in Asia, at Isya we offer only the best results. After all, who doesn’t want to look gorgeous and young from the top to bottom without having to worry about side effects?

So click on the thumbnails below to learn more about the best treatments for weight loss, fat loss, inch loss and body contouring in India!


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