We have the only IV infusion lounge in the country. Replete with a TV to watch, music to listen to, recliner chairs and an ensuite nurse to handle your every need, at Isya Aesthetics, you are getting a Drip Bar with every kind of infusion you can imagine!

A fave in Dubai, New York and Los Angeles, actors, actresses and musicians like Rihanna and Adele are getting infusions to keep their energy up, to get rid of dehydration, to boost their glow or even for slimming! And for the absolute ultimate all in one infusion, Isya Aesthetics has the Magic Markle, named after our idol Meghan Markle, to boost immunity, energy, neurocognitive functioning, metabolism, and your skin and hair rejuvenation!
Different infusions have different prices - so our costs range from 3500 INR per infusion to 17000 for the Magic Markle.


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