Have you ever looked in a mirror in your bathing suit and realized that your thighs look like cottage cheese? Ever seen those celebrities in a tabloid where actresses with their skinny yet dimpled thighs are exposed?  Unfortunately, you and those models and actresses are of the 80% of women who suffer from this visually unappealing condition known as cellulite.

Cellulite is the appearance of lumps of fat pushing against the weakened connective tissues of your skin, giving it a bumpy and uneven appearance. Thin people are just as likely to get it as overweight women, and it tends to be genetically linked. So, if your mom has it, you will probably get it too.  There are 3 grades of cellulite; In Grade I, there are no visible signs but if you do a skin biopsy, you will see the basic anatomic changes occurring in the skin. In Grade II, the skin begins to show signs, including pastiness of the skin, a slightly cooler temperature and reduced elasticity. In Grade III, an orange peel roughness and dimpling is clearly visible.

Cellulite can be worsened or caused by a multitude of reasons, including poor diet or fad diets, rapid or repeated weight loss and gain, hormonal changes, lack of exercise or sedentary lifestyle, dehydration, thickness and color of the skin, and more! Furthermore, cellulite is usually less noticeable on darker skin, so lighter skinned people tend to have more severe appearing cellulite.

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