Finest Acne Scar Treatment in Delhi at Isya Aesthetics

Acne scar treatment in Delhi at Isya Aesthetics is one of the best known treatments. Dr. Kiran Sethi at Isya uses the best treatments in the industry to treat acne scars with Neo Lasers, PIXI laser technology, Fillers, and more.

Acne, when it heals, can leave deep depressed scars in its wake. Those pits are unsightly and can be difficult to cover and treat. Caused by excess inflammation, acne scars form because collagen does not get formed right in the area when the pimples are healing.

There are different types of acne scars:

Icepick scars – These are narrow deep scars that look like icepick marks.

Boxcar scars – These types of scars are shallower and shaped like an indented boxcar or squares.

Rolling scars – These scars give your skin an undulating appearance because they are shallow and not discrete.

Papular scars– Forming papules of scar tissue, popular scars are quite difficult to treat and not as common.


Previously, acne scars were hard to treat. Now, with the advent of the latest laser, filler, dermaroller and radiofrequency technology, acne scars can be erased! At Isya Aesthetics, we have the best treatment for acne scars, acne scar removal and acne marks removal in Delhi. Click on the thumbnails below to learn about the many treatment options to get rid of your acne scars for the clear skin you have always wanted!


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