For the ultimate in glow, the Diamond Medifacial may be for you. An exclusive innovation of New York Dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia, the Diamond Medifacial combines 4 treatments in one for the purest exfoliation and anti-dullness effect in India. With skin rejuvenation, anti-pigmentation  and collagen stimulation therapies, the Diamond Medifacial gives you the skin refreshment of maintenance facials, with the benefit of long-term results for your pigmentation and freckles.

Combining 4 different steps, this therapy is ideal for pigmentation on the underarms, neck, face, knees and elbows. First the top layer of the skin is exfoliated so dead and tan skin disappears. Then anti-pigmentation treatments are added that are designed to force pigmented skin to dissipate, leaving skin softer, smoother and lighter! Thirdly, infusions of vitamins are added so that the skin becomes healthier from the inside out. Finally, LED is then done to boost collagen, soothe skin and improve results! By combining all these four steps, results are exponentially improved for your pigmentation, tanning and skin darkening!

So get gorgeous with our anti-dullness, anti-pigmentation and ultra-glow inducing Diamond Medifacial today! The Diamond Medifacial can be done on the full body as well for an immediate anti-pigmentation and lightening result!

Even in 1 session you can see results, but we typically prefer to do 6-10 sessions for a 4-8 shades difference and a long-term skin brightening and anti-pigmentation result.




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