Dark circles plague many men and women, particularly in the South Asian subcontinent. These pesky rings around the eyes make everyone look pulled down and inspire frustrating comments from friends and family like “did you not sleep last night?”

Under eye circles are caused by a multitude of factors, from nutrition, to aging to genetics.

1 – The number one thing to check is always for nutritional deficiencies. Iron deficiency  and thyroid problems can cause dark circles, as can other vitamins that are important for microcirculation. Once you check and replete these minerals, your under eye circles can improve!

2 – The second factor is pigmentation and microcirculation. Sometimes the under eye area is unable to properly process lymphatic and vessel flow in the area. This results in the fluid sitting around the eyes resulting in annoying bags. And since the skin is so thin, those bags are much more visible than they would have been had they occurred anywhere else on the face. In the case of pigmentation, sometimes melanin deposits in the area. This is due to the sun, product sensitivities or hormones. This discoloration can be deeply upsetting as it can make you look like you haven’t slept in a month!

3-The third factor is aging. As you age, you get fine lines and your fat pads and collagen, which keeps your skin supple and tight gets weaker. As your skin moves downward, your under eye hollows appear deeper, making those circles worsen. And since there is less tissue there now, the wrinkles appear worse than they otherwise would have.

4 – The last and most important is genetics. Many people in India have inherited deep set eyes. So if your mom and dad have under eye circles, you probably do too! That means that their eyes are more recessed than others, resulting in a deeper under eye groove. The light reflects off these valleys making the shadows appear!

At Isya Aesthetics, we treat all the causes of under eye bags, wrinkles and circles. In fact we have the best under eye treatment in India, ranging from non-invasive options to injectible fillers! Click on the thumbnails below to learn more about the famous therapies we offer for your under eye circles!


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