Botox for Lip Lines or Wrinkles in Delhi

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Botox for Lip Lines or Wrinkles in Delhi, India

Isya Aesthetics offers the best advice & Botox for Lip Lines in Delhi, India. Get in touch with Dr. Kiran Lohia if you want to know why you should choose Botox procedure for reducing your lip lines.


As you age, you will find wrinkles appearing in different areas of your face including the wrinkles around the mouth. It is not a condition that you may only experience as everyone eventually get this condition as they age. And women are more prone to developing wrinkles around the mouth because the structure of their skin is far different from men. These wrinkles are also called perioral wrinkles. It is mainly caused by age, genetics, exposure to sun, environmental factors, and smoking. The most common kind of lip wrinkles is the small vertical lines that form around the mouth. Using Botox for lip lines or wrinkles have been found to be very effective because these lines respond well to Botox injections.


What are the causes of lip lines?

Your lip and mouth areas are prone to sun exposure and are constantly active when you talk, smile or eat. The muscles around the lips pull and push the skin and these lines appear and disappear as a natural part of life. And with time, your lifestyle patterns may develop lines around your mouth in the form of lip lines. Combining with this, the natural loss of skin elasticity due to loss of collagen and elastin are also the important factors for forming lip wrinkles.


Why choose Botox procedure for reducing lip lines?

Botox injections are effective at soothing away the lip lines that form around the mouth. Botox treatment prevents your facial muscles from getting the message to tighten. These injections work quickly to give your lip lines a vacation or stop them from moving in more. Dr. Kiran Lohia has the best advice for you when you can benefit from Botox for reducing lip lines. But one thing is sure, wrinkles free smiles are relatively simple to achieve.


Botox benefits for lip lines

According to Dr. Kiran Lohia, Botox injections are the effective and less expensive option for paralyzing the muscles around the mouth. During the procedure, a form of botulinum toxin is injected into a specific muscle. The toxin combines with the nerves, restricts nerve impulse conduction and temporarily paralyzes the muscles. When the toxin is injected into the muscles, it relaxes them. The relaxation of muscles can produce a pouty look and decrease the creases around the mouth when it is at rest.


How long it takes to see the results after Botox procedure?

Once you get the Botox procedure completed, you will reach full effect about 5 to 7 days after the injections.


How long the effects of Botox procedure for lip lines last?

The effects of Botox treatment for reducing lip lines wear off gradually after three to four months. You can repeat the treatment performed by a well-qualified and experienced dermatologist like Dr. Kiran Lohia to maintain a smooth and youthful appearance. The treatment will help you prevent wrinkles from forming over time.


Choose your dermatologist sensibly

If you want to see good results from Botox treatment for reducing lip lines, you should choose your dermatologist sensibly. You should not put your health into the hands of anyone. A certified, trained and experienced dermatologist is the best choice when you are looking for someone to administer Botox. An experienced dermatologist will have a better understanding of the muscular structure of your face and also of your personal conditions.

Get in touch with Dr. Kiran Lohia if you want to know why you should choose Botox procedure for reducing your lip lines.



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