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Botox for Drooping Smile in Delhi, India

Are you searching for Botox for Drooping Smile in Delhi, India? Contact Dr. Kiran Lohia to know more about the causes and available treatments for rectifying drooping smile. She has the expertise and right knowledge to deal with your individual situation.


You can say a drooping smile is a part of life’s natural progression. As we advance in years, our skin loses collagen and elastin. With the loss of fat and volume, our jaw lines start to droop and our face also becomes less rounded. Droops generally occur in people by their middle ages. Remember, these lines are not going to disappear unless they are treated. You will find the lines appearing below the nose, and at the corner of the lips. They can also go down to touch the jaw lines. A drooping smile makes a person feel less confident and also prevents enjoying a good laugh.

Although a drooping smile in no way going to cause you any problem, pain or disease, for sure, it will make you look and feel frustrated and less confident when you are in a group. But with advanced cosmetic procedures like Botox, it is quite easy to get rid of the droops that are making you feel low.


Botox benefits for a drooping smile

Botox injections are an easy and cost-effective option for individuals to look refreshed, revitalised and younger without downtime. The Botox injections use a purified form of an active ingredient called botulinum toxin that reduces the muscle movement that causes lines around the mouth, lips, nose and the jaws. Using a very tiny needle, the dermatologist will inject a small amount of product into the different pre-determined areas of the face. This treatment does not require any sedation or anaesthesia. So, you can resume your normal activities after the procedure.


Frequently asked questions for Botox treatment for drooping smile

Am I a good candidate for the procedure?

There are just a few restrictions regarding Botox injections. Pregnant ladies and individuals with neurological conditions should not go for this procedure. If you are not having any medical problems and are healthy, you can go for this treatment. Moreover, you can consult Dr. Kiran Lohia to learn more during your consultation.


What you can expect after the treatment?

You will be more relaxed even in the largest glares of social attention. You will look and feel positive & confident all the time.


How long it will take to see the results and how long will the results last?

The effects of Botox procedure for drooping smile takes two to six days to emerge. And the results will last anywhere between 4 to 5 months. After repeated treatments, however, you may find the results gradually lasting longer depending on your specific conditions.


Does Botox procedure hurt or is it unsafe?

According to Dr. Kiran Lohia, Botox injections are completely safe and is comfortable. As a small amount of Botox is administered using a very fine needle, there is no to minimal discomfort. So, you can be rest assured that you will be completely safe when undergoing this procedure.


Should I consult a dermatologist for my drooping smile problem?

Of course yes! A dermatologist with vast knowledge, experience and training can help you in restoring your lost smile with the help of Botox. You should check the credentials and background of the dermatologist before going for the procedure. Shortlist few skin specialists and visit their websites to know more about their work and clients’ satisfaction. Invest fruitful time in research before choosing a dermatologist for discussing your drooping smile problem.

Contact Dr. Kiran Lohia to know more about the causes and available treatments for rectifying drooping smile. She has the expertise and right knowledge to deal with your individual situation.



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