We all want to look younger without looking unnatural or plastic. Luckily, with the latest technologies and advanced techniques from New York, becoming naturally youthful and reversing decades off your face, body, skin & hair is the usual at Isya Aesthetics.  With 360 degree technologies targeting every layer of the skin to treat all the signs of aging, including sagging, wrinkles, pores, age spots, freckles on the face, neck, décolletage, hands, feet & more, we can truly reverse time. And, you don’t need to go under the knife to do it! There is no need for pain with the most advanced sciences available in Asia. With US FDA Approved UltheraAccent Ultra, the 4DX Invisilift, The Power Facial and all, Isya Aesthetics is known as the best and most advanced Dermatology Centres in Delhi, India. That’s why it is a favourite amongst celebs and the top glitterati in the country. After all, should only celebrities have nary a wrinkle or fine line on their faces? You too can have smooth, lineless and supple skin despite your age.  All of our anti-aging therapies are known for being the best in India at making you look younger without the side effects, pain or downtime of surgery. Learn more about ageing and how to treat it below!

First of all, you need to know what are these signs of ageing and what are they caused by before you can know how to treat them!  You have to consider the skin as having 3 different layers.

Layer 1: Pigmentation, Freckles & Enlarged Pores

The top layer deals with pigmentationfreckles and enlarged pores. As our skin ages, we end up with cumulative sun exposure. So the tan you got when you were 10 years old, can still show up as skin damage in your 30’s or 40’s. This results in pigmentation or freckles. As we age, our collagen doesn’t regenerate as fast and our existing collagen starts to break down. This results in the pores getting too large because the connective tissue isn’t strong enough anymore to close them. Click on the links dealing with these concerns learn more on how to treat this,  or consider our exclusive Power Facial or New York Facial or AFT or Clearlift 4Dwhich treat all the concerns dealing with this layer!

Layer 2: Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Wrinkles and fine lines are furrows or lines that develop on the face due to excessive muscle usage, sagging or repetitive facial movements. These grooves can be very unsightly and can make you look decades older than your years. These lines occur because as you age collagen synthesis decreases, making your skin less supple and less youthful. Typically to treat this we consider Botox or Baby Botox to treat these concerns quickly. At Isya, we offer a natural aesthetic for our Botox, so you never have to worry about looking unnatural or frozen! As New York Dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia is a pro at offering a gorgeous 360 solution for skin, Botox can be a great tool for removing your lines. However, for those of you who want to stay away from injections, Laser therapies like Clearlift or Pixel Perfect may be for you. Painless, safe and providing great results, these treatments can truly shave years off your face.

Layer 3: Sagging

Well, as you well know, sagging is only cute if you’re Shar Pei. For most of us, our jowls, under eye circles, loose cheeks and deep nasolabial folds are a source of distress as we grow older. Typically the weakening of the connective tissue in the skin is what causes it to sag. Also, the fat pads that keep you looking fresh and youthful also shift downward, contributing to that upsetting sagging. Thankfully, this sagging is definitely treatable. For those of you who want instant results, Dr. Lohia offers the Liquid Face Lift combining Botox and Fillers for a naturally lifted result that can be done during your lunch hour. Dr. Lohia tailors the famous 8 point Lift (a favourite of Porter & Harper’s Bazaar magazines) to your face, allowing you gorgeously younger and tighter skin. But, for those of you who are scared of needles, non-invasive technology is our forte. With US FDA Approved Ulthera, we can literally erase decades from your skin with never before seen results. Dr. Lohia is a luminary for Ulthera, and has created the NY Protocol, which has given her clients results that are extraordinary. This protocol offers a truly naturally lifted contour that defies gravity and is US FDA proven to last years. We also offer the 4DX Invisilift, featured in Harper’s Bazaar Bride, Femina Luxury Issue and more, which has a waitlist for months! Finally, our Power FacialAccent UltraVampire Facial with PRP and Silhouette Lifts are not to be missed. However, at Isya, let us guide you on what combinations are needed to achieve the most natural yet youthful result. We want you to look young forever, and we are constantly updating our technologies and protocols to achieve the absolute best results! Thats why we are named Best Dermatology Centres by Times of India, Franchise India and more!

Now, the pressure to look gorgeous is on, but how do you achieve that clear, taut, wrinkle-free and youthful skin without the risks? How do you look naturally youthful without getting poked and prodded too much? Well, At Isya Aesthetics, we have the best and most advanced techniques for aging and wrinkles. All of our anti-aging therapies are known for being the best in India at making you look younger without the side effects, pain or downtime of surgery. Learn more about ageing and how to treat it below!

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